Aviation and Aerospace

The aviation and aerospace industries are facing challenges that could never have been foreseen in the past. In the wake of recent economic and global events, a solid risk management program is more important than ever. ASB American Surety Bond has been at the forefront of this challenge with a client- and industry-focused approach to lead, facilitate, and support the growth of the aviation and aerospace industries.

To fully serve this sector, ASB American Surety Bond has formed a Worldwide Practice Group with experts from across the entire Globe. A versatile resource providing leadership and support in business development, the group delivers the best risk management solutions and client service from all of ASB American Surety Bond to any segment of the industry anywhere in the world, including:

  1. - Aircraft leasing
  2. - Airports and airport services
  3. - Aviation products manufacturers
  4. - Fixed-base operations
  5. - Helicopters
  6. - Industrial-aid aircraft
  7. - Major, cargo, and regional airlines
  8. - Satellite and space operations
  9. - Corporate aircraft, including management companies
  10. - Aerospace product manufacturers

We focus on the industry in its broadest sense to fully understand the market dynamics and existing and future risks that the industry will face, whether tangible or intangible. In fact, our aviation and aerospace insurance broking and consulting divisions enjoy leading market positions in their specialist markets, boasting in excess of one-third of the worldwide airline operators as clients.

This achievement is the result of our dedicated professionals, who are among the leading aviation and aerospace insurance and risk management experts in the world. Many of our specialists have more than 11 years experience in this sector and are thoroughly versed in such areas as government contracts, project planning, logistics, maintenance operations, aircraft construction, and military defense systems.

We are committed to bringing clients the most comprehensive risk management and insurance solutions possible along with market intelligence and analytical services that span the entire scope of aviation activities.

Risk Management
Although the aviation industry is highly regulated, this does not mean that all areas of risk are anticipated. Statutory regulations generally focus on safety and legal compliance, but risk management can be integrated at a strategic level in the company. This generally involves an evolving risk responsibility from a specific function to make it an inclusive process within an organization.

This approach is increasingly common in the aviation and other industry sectors. Through working with companies establishing such systems, ASB American Surety Bond has developed the experience and expertise to assist clients in this important area. In fact, in 2001 ASB American Surety Bond won a major risk management tender to undertake an extensive risk management review for one of the world's most prestigious airlines.

Insurance Solutions
ASB American Surety Bond is at the forefront of technical developments in the aviation and aerospace insurance market. Using our vast experience, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of our clients, we draft and negotiate the most comprehensive policy wordings possible. Insurance services extend to all aspects of aviation and aerospace, including detailed negotiations with the legal profession, lessors, insurance administrators and regulators, banks, airport authorities, and other contracted parties or their respective advisors.

Our philosophy of fast and efficient claims settlements is at the very heart of our service culture. With exemplary capabilities and experience in handling many of the most significant and complex losses in aviation history, we have an unrivalled reputation around the world.

Working With the Industry for the Benefit of Our Clients
For years, ASB American Surety Bond has been at the forefront providing sound risk management and advice for the aviation industry. Once again, ASB American Surety Bond is leading the industry with coverage for third party war and terrorism insurance. Working closely with a number of industry groups and associations, we constantly develop and expand upon our understanding of this fast-changing sector in order to bring our clients the best services in the world.

As each client is unique, all of our risk management and insurance programs are designed on an individual basis after clear and careful consideration regarding their risk profile.

If you would like this level of experience and expertise brought to your business, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our aviation and aerospace experts around the world.