Program Reinsurance Solutions

Our programs provide our clients with necessary tools to create more profits

  • - Umbrella (Personal and Commercial),
  • - Specialty General Liability (Products Recall, Liquor Liability, Political Risk, etc.)
  • - Specialty Automobile Liability (Hazardous Haulers, Mix-in Transit, Public Auto, etc.)
  • - Environmental Impairment
  • - Errors & Omissions
  • - Professional Liability
  • - Directors & Officers
  • - Public Officials
  • - Employment Practices

We specialize in helping our clients enter new product lines by offering consultative product design, pricing, marketing, claims and underwriting support.

Here are some examples of how we can help you achieve your goals:

Reduction of Loss Costs

We believe the best opportunities are ones where our clients maximize the gross performance of their business. Our aim is to help you to make that goal a reality. We focus on gross product issues, not just the reinsurance placement.


Risk Specific Referral Support: We provide risk specific referral support through a worldwide branch network . We structure and customize this support based upon your particular needs. Our branch operations review over 75,000 risks on an annual basis and provide the highest level of service and fastest turnaround in the business. We have the ability to transact this activity in person, over the phone, via fax, e-mail and the Internet . When you tap into this network, you access the single largest risk database in the industry. Our underwriters stand ready to bring this advantage to your business.

Underwriting Reviews

Where do you go to get objective feedback on your business? We tailor our underwriting reviews to provide you with the information you want to manage your book. We also offer customized training support to augment your current internal education programs.

Claims Services

Superior underwriting discipline only gets you half way toward your goal for outstanding underwriting performance. The other half of the formula lies in your ability to manage the outcomes on volatile claims. Our claim professionals are experienced in the management of high severity, complex, and specialty lines cases - it's what we do each and every day. We can augment your in-house claims expertise with specialists drawn from our internal staff and external relationships throughout the industry.

Emerging Trends

There should be no doubt that we operate in a dynamic legal, cultural and economic environment. The underwriting decisions we make today will be measured against legal and economic realities many years in the future. That's why we dedicate resources to study our business. We publish the results of our work so that we can stimulate dialogue and discussion around the current and future impacts of emerging trends. It's certainly not easy to try and predict the impact of future trends. We believe that "winners" in their market niche will be partially defined by their ability to stay ahead of this challenging curve. Our Line of Business Specialists have been busy researching and publishing material that should be helpful to you in this regard.

Pricing Support

Many companies struggle with new and specialty line of business pricing. These lines are generally not supported by major rate making organizations. As such, it is critical to collaborate with an organization that can provide assistance in determining appropriate loss costs for low frequency, high severity exposures. While we are not a ratemaking organization, we have a view of rate adequacy on a broad range of insurance products that has been established by our participation in this business over a long period of time. In fact, we have a range of exposure sensitive pricing models that we can bring to the discussion to allow you to model your assumptions against our internal findings.

Product Development

The ability to develop new products, product extensions and services provides your company with a strategic advantage that differentiates you in your markets, and, provides for new sources of profitable revenue.

As you know, successful product development relies on a strong commitment of resources, market research, expertise, creativity, management support and capability for implementation. It is a large commitment, and is generally a high-risk endeavor.

We can help you reduce the risk and the costs by engaging our specialists to support your team. Whether you are creating a "New to the World" product, or, attempting to introduce an existing industry product to your company, we have the skills, experience and resources needed to help you along.

Overhead Reduction

We can help you reduce your internal resource and opportunity costs by providing support for:

  • - Underwriting Audits
  • - Claims Audits
  • - Underwriting and Claims Training
  • - Assistance with Policy Forms Drafting

Growing the Business

Great product design isn't so great if the product doesn't sell. Many specialty lines are complex. A successful growth strategy will balance product integrity, external marketing and distribution channel requirements and proactive sales techniques to achieve the desired profit objectives. We have worked with many clients (on many lines) to help them identify ways to spur the growth of new and existing products - and do so in a way that builds profit margins in the process.

Local Access:

We provide our products and services through a network of offices located Hong Kong, China, Bangalore, India, Panama, Belize, Seychelles, Saint Vicent and the Grenadines, with over 10 dedicated Casualty Program Account Executives.

Our Account Executives bring all of the resources of ASB American Surety Bond to you. They are highly trained in their field of expertise, and in addition, they are well versed in the resources we can offer to meet your needs. Click here to get a broad overview of some of the areas where we have invested in building our Underwriting Expertise

International Casualty Programs:

We offer international casualty programs through our network of offices located around the world. Each office is staffed with local underwriters who are well versed in underwriting practice, legislation, emerging trends, products and market conditions to accommodate your international needs. Expert underwriting networks and dedicated program resources designed to deliver seamless/quality reinsurance solutions.

Casualty insurance is not a game for the faint-hearted. There are always new and emerging challenges which face our industry. The advantage will go to those who can stay ahead of their competition by offering well crafted, innovative, future oriented products and services at appropriate rates. We are eager to play a role in helping you succeed in this arena.